Debbie Bombshell

Age – Twenty Something ;)

Weight – 365lbs

Height – 5’2 (and a ¼!!)

Dress size – UK 30.

Bust: 50H

Birthday September 23rd

Hey – I’m Debbie! I’m new to the Bombshell family, so please be gentle!

If you have seen me around or I look familiar, it’s probably because I am a social network w**re ;)

Feel free to come and chat to me on Facebook - I'd love to hear from you :D

It is my aim in life to be a princess!

I run my own business and work from home, which is ideal because it’s give me ample opportunity to sit around all day and eat cake! Now when it comes to cake, I am somewhat of an expert, because it is quite possibly one of my favourite things in the whole world, that and Glee!

My hobbies including going out with friends, watching bad TV and meeting the odd celebrity ;)

I love all sorts of food, especially cake – Did I mention I like cake? I also like Vodka – sometimes at the same time!! I wonder if anyone has ever made a Vodka cake.

When it comes to things I like the list is massive – I love reality TV, social networking, the colour pink, wearing bright eye make, living in London, Milkybar chocolate, wearing flip flops, buying new clothes, drinking cocktails and going on random roadtrips!

If you want to know anything more please email me – I would love to hear from you!

Debbie xx

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