Name: Madeline Grace
Height : 5'4
Weight : 320ish

Bust: 56

waist: 44

Hips: 60 well the measuring tape would not fit lol

Eye color : chocolate brown
Hair : thick black silk
Hobbies : singing,shopping, dancing, cooking, and playing cool restaurant huntress

favorite Color: glitter but i al

Favorite Food : omg this is so hard Cheesecake is my number one favorite food of all time cheesecake was made by heavenly beings to make the world a better place and give girls like me killer curves lol, chocolate chip cookies and whole milk is a close second specially if you have a sexy feeder boy rubbing your tummy and of course Mexican food, Asian food, and Italian food.

Dislikes : people who don't appreciate peoples differences and liars uh uh not cool

bbw model