Name: Marie

Age: 25
Weight: Around 425...depends on how much I eat ;)
Clothing Size: 4X or 28-30 (US Sizes)
Bra Size: 50 DDD
Favorite Colors: Green, Purple
Favorite Foods (a fatty can't pick one!): Bacon, Orange chicken, Vanilla cupcakes, Deep dish pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings
Hobbies: Walking my dog, Eating, Internet, Taking cute pics, Going to concerts, Live sporting events, Swimming, Shopping

Hello! My name is Marie and I'm from Chicago, the city of big shoulders, and in this case big bellies! I have been big all of my life and I want to embrace it and let other people appreciate it with me! I enjoy the softness that only a big girl has. I am very open and proud of my body. I love being a bombshell because it turns me on and I find myself very sexy.  I've always been getting compliments, so I figured its time to share the rest of my beautiful body with those ready to see it!  Enjoy! xoxo Marie

Likes: Cheesecake, Animals, Dexter (TV Show), Chicago sports teams (love my bears!), BACON, Beer, Cheeseburgers, Camping, Concerts, Cute boys, Tattoos, Walks on the beach (lol), Make up, Baking, and Belly rubs!
Dislikes: Fat shamers, Negativity, People who are always late, Deceitful people, Haters, Animal abusers, Traffic, Green Bay Packers, Rainy days, Country music

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Wish List: Gift cards to any restaurant (my favorites being Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Buffalo Wild Wings), Lane Bryant, Torrid, DEB, or any plus-size clothing store, PetSmart giftcard, and Cheesecake!  Any gift will be appreciated though :)
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